WEYMOUTH Cricket Club chairman Simon Browne has appealed to potential sponsors as the cash-strapped Seasiders look to replace “ageing equipment”.

Weymouth, who are without a main sponsor, require new sightscreens and covers but currently do not have the funds available for the crucial components.

A sum of £3,000 would account for new sightscreens, or £4,500 for both items but, after negotiations with prospective sponsors and an ongoing application for an ECB grant, no cash has yet come through.

While Weymouth are solvent, the club is currently in negotiations with the Dorset Cricket Board over the lack of sightscreens, which could affect their County Division One status.

Speaking to Echosport, Browne highlighted the financial struggles the Seasiders are currently facing.

He said: “We’re not in immediate danger of the club not being able to fulfil fixtures, but we need to replace ageing equipment that Redlands can’t help us out with at present.

“We’ve had a look at funding outside of the club like Sport England, the lottery and other grants but there’s no guarantee they’re going to be successful.

“We feel that we probably need to replace the sightscreens and they’re £3,000 for a pair. 

“We’re not expecting any one person or company to come up with that kind of money, but anything along those lines to help would be appreciated.

“For us to play at the highest level we can, we want the best facilities possible, and this will hopefully encourage more people to come and play for the club.

“All of the players fund their own kit and equipment, so it’s to keep the club going – it’s not going to any individual players.”

He added: “We’re still in talks with Weymouth College (ground owners) to see if they’re in a position to help us out. At the moment, nothing is forthcoming.

“We’ve looked at possible sponsors but no hard cash has landed at the club’s feet. 

“This is partly an appeal to local businesses but also to highlight where we are financially. We’ve got a ‘go fund me’ page to start things off where individuals interested in the club can make a contribution.

“Ultimately, we may have to get a loan from the ECB as the club hasn’t got that kind of money available to it.

“There’s other associated costs, such as the upkeep of the scoreboard and the scorebox. We’re trying to work with Redlands as much as possible.

“As the major cricketing team that use it, it’s fallen to us to get these things replaced.”

Browne added that sponsors’ names could be emblazoned on new playing shirts, training kit and on the sightscreens’ reverse.

He said: “To any local business or company that might want to sponsor us, we’re happy to put names on kits, the sight screens.

“We’re looking at sponsoring match balls, and possibly having a vice-president scheme.

“Any major sponsor that wanted to put money into the club, we’d happily sit down and have a discussion about what would best suit all parties.

“Running a cricket club is not cheap – we’re looking for whatever financial help might be out there to assist the club as a whole.

“Redlands has always been a good place to play cricket at – it’s a good wicket and a good venue and so we want that to continue.

“Having a decent set of sight screens, covers and a scorebox is what makes it a good place to play.”

Interested sponsors can contact Browne on 07866 187395 or via sfb1971@gmail.com

Weymouth’s funding page is https://www.gofundme.com/f/weymouth-cc-site-screens-and-covers