WEYMOUTH Wildcats remain on the hunt for a new track location after being refused entry to the 2020 Midland & Southern Development League.

The British Speedway Promoters’ Association (BSPA) ruled nomadic clubs operating on host tracks would be refused entry to leagues this season.

Wildcats had been based at Poole Pirates’ Wimborne Road circuit last campaign.

Despite the BSPA’s decision, Wildcats remain undeterred and are continuing their search for a location in or near to Weymouth.

Resurrecting Wildcats’ old track behind Weymouth Football Club’s Bob Lucas Stadium is not an option after the Terras penned a new option agreement to safeguard part of the circuit in August 2019.

Speaking to Echosport, Wildcats’ co-promoter James Tresadern said: “It doesn’t stop us from using land of our own.

“We just need to find a nice farmer that’s got a field he doesn’t want, that’s nowhere near houses, that we can use and sort out.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be right in the middle of Weymouth, it can be on the outskirts, which would do us fine.

“Obviously, there’s a 30-mile zone between racetracks. I’m sure if we approach Poole about it and work with them, I can’t see them being too worried about it.”

Wildcats have been banned from using the Weymouth name, even in non-league formats, but plan to run individual meetings.

Their squad of captain Cesca Wright, James Jessop, James Laker, Jacob Clouting and Sam Peters will be boosted by new rider Max Pankhurst after Andrew Palmer decided to take a break from the sport.

On the prospect of running individual meetings, Tresadern said: “We’re going to run a few if we can get the sponsors.

“If we have one meeting, we’ll have eight riders and we’ll try and get as many of ours down at a time.

“That’s how we’re going to do it, Danny (Ford, Pirates' promoter) is happy with that. We’re not upsetting the powers that be, the BSPA, because we’re not using the Weymouth name.

“All the race jackets we’ll be using will be Weymouth race jackets for this season which we’ve got sorted.

“Me and Martin (Peters, co-promoter) were really disappointed that the effort and work we’ve done trying to bring the name back into prominence seemed to have all been undone.

“It hasn’t been for the want of trying in the last month-and-a-half, two months since we've known we were going to struggle with the name.

“Coming up with the idea of doing an individual meeting has taken some of the disappointment away.”