JAMIE Manley believes the decimation of the non-league calendar due to the coronavirus pandemic will “hit every football club” financially.

Bridport’s boss admitted losses on sponsorship would inevitably plunge some clubs into financial difficulty.

Yesterday, Buckinghamshire side Marlow United became the first side to request relegation as a result of cashflow problems.

The Flying Blues were stationed in the Hellenic League Division One East but will now drop from Step 6 to Step 7 of the National League system.

And Manley suggested companies may now think twice before sponsoring football clubs.

Asked what impact Bridport have sustained so far, he said: “There’s a lad that rents our place out and does gym work and fitness sessions, but obviously he’s had to stop.

“I haven’t spoken to the chairman (Adrian Scadding) too much about it but hopefully we’ll be OK. We’ll just have to wait and battle our way through it.

“It’s going to be frustrating and it’s going to hit every football club, especially at our level. They rely on sponsorship from businesses and companies.

“If they’re not bringing in any money themselves, are they going to be willing to want to support a football club? That’s the thing they’re going to have to look at when (football) does start again.

“But at the end of the day, it’s all about people’s health. We just hope that as many people (as possible) get through this and can look to the future.

“Football is only a game, life’s more important.”

Elaborating on when next season could begin, Manley conceded he harbours doubts.

“When does the season start?” he said. “Are we going to be through this to kick on for next season? I don’t know.

“That’s why this year had to be knocked on the head. I don’t think we’ll be able to start next year on time at the moment.”