WHEN six friends agreed to travel to Edinburgh for the Scotland versus England Six Nations clash, they had no idea of the adventure that would unfold.

Arrangements were made and on the Thursday five members of the group travelled via the overnight Caledonian sleeper from Euston to Edinburgh arriving early morning the following day. Later the same day they were joined by the sixth member of the group who had flown from Southampton.

Two members of the group were Bob Andrews, the president of Dorchester Rugby Football Club, and his brother, Mo Ricketts.

The group walked to Murrayfield and started the day’s proceedings by watching the Ireland v Wales game in the closest pub to Murrayfield.

At 4pm, four of the group, lucky enough to have tickets, left the pub to walk to the stadium leaving their two colleagues to watch the Scotland game on the pub’s TV screens.

After the game the group met up in the same pub where they thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and hospitality extended by both sets of supporters.

When the time came to leave, which as you can imagine was much later, Ricketts discovered that his very expensive, all singing, all dancing, waterproof jacket was missing.

Despite searching it could not be found, strangely all the other jackets ‘safely’ thrown on the floor in the corner were still there.

Ricketts was adamant that someone had stolen his prized jacket and to say he was a little bit peeved would be a massive understatement.

Ricketts’ demeanour did not improve the next day when due to the continuing weather conditions, Storm Ciara, not great when you do not have a coat, he was advised that the train for the return journey was cancelled.

Brother Andrews was, of course, very sympathetic but could not help mentioning once or twice that they should have flown; this advice was not received with overwhelming delight.

Andrews flew to Southampton later that day leaving his brother Ricketts and friends booking additional accommodation in Edinburgh that night whilst trying to find a way back to Exeter.

On Monday afternoon, Andrews received a phone call from the ticket secretary of Dorchester RFC, Graham Aspley, who advised him that a Scottish supporter, who had mistakenly taken Ricketts’ coat, had contacted the SRFU in an effort to return the coat as there was a match ticket in the pocket.

The SRFU contacted the RFU who contacted Aspley, advising them that the ticket had been bought by Andrews.

The result was that the coat was posted to Andrews, returning it to his disbelieving brother who had given up all hope of ever seeing it again.

Two things emerge clearly from this tale. The first is never mind the rivalries between the Nations – rugby people are nice people.

Secondly the traceability of international tickets.

Andrews and Ricketts would like to extend their thanks to all concerned in this endeavour.

The Scottish supporter who mistakenly took the coat but after realising his mistake went to great efforts to return the item. Fraser and Tara at the SRFU, Lisa at the RFU and Aspley at DRFC, a truly great effort by all concerned.

Ricketts eventually got back to Exeter around midnight on Monday after the group managed to hire a car and took it in turns to drive home, quite an adventure.