The Dorset Cricket Board has revealed plans to run a short replacement tournament after cancelling the 2020 league season.

Clubs have been approached by the Dorset Cricket League, outlining the proposed structure of a six-week tournament to replace competitive league cricket across the county this summer.

Although the coronavirus situation has improved recently, with lockdown measures being gradually lifted, a DCL spokesperson said it has become apparent that the scheduled season would not be able to start on July 4. Therefore, the League Management Committee has decided to cancel the scheduled 2020 League season.

In the hope to still provide some competitive cricket this summer a structure for six weeks of cricket has been proposed, beginning on August 1.

Professional cricket has been suspended by the ECB until August 1, and a DCL spokesperson said it is likely that the same principle will apply to recreational cricket.

They said: "Even if recreational cricket permitted to start earlier, clubs need time to prepare pitches/outfields, particularly those under the control of local authorities. Therefore, it is proposed that we decide now on 1st August start date, which will allow clubs to inform ground owners, who might currently be reluctant to do any maintenance work, in case it proves a waste of time.

"Should recreational cricket not be allowed to start by 1st August, then it is suggested that clubs arrange their own friendlies, in whatever timespan is allowed, as there would be no chance to organise any competitive cricket."

The proposal states that 60 teams have been invited to participate in five divisions of 12 teams. If less than 60 teams enter, local sides from neighbouring leagues will be invited to make up the numbers.

Each division will be split into two groups (A and B) and teams will play each other once within each group. Once these matches have been completed, teams in Group A will have a play-off against teams in Group B. So, the team that finished 1st in Division One, Group A will play the team that finished 1st in Division One, Group B and so on.

Matches will be played adhering to any restrictions imposed by ECB, under government advice, as of August 1. Matches will be 40 overs, with one ball per match. No teas will be provided and players will have to bring their own food and drinks.

The DCL has stressed that this proposal is totally dependent on the ECB, under Government guidance, allowing games to take place, and will adhere to any restrictions imposed by the ECB.