A DORSET schoolboy has signed a professional contract with Bath Rugby.

Tom Carr-Smith has signed a senior academy contract with the Premiership outfit, beginning in July 2020.

The 18-year-old scrum half has been involved in the Bath Academy since he was 13 and has played for Sherborne School’s first team for the last three years.

Carr-Smith said: “I can’t wait, I’m so excited to get in. Having the lockdown period has given me a bit more time to think about it. It’s definitely made me even more excited.

“There was a bit of uncertainty there because I’m preparing to start this career but because of the outbreak I didn’t really have any idea how it’s going to begin. Fortunately, we now have a better idea and it’s looking positive. My contract starts on July 1 and the plan is to get me into the club for July 6.”

Carr-Smith tested out a number of positions across the backline before eventually settling on the ‘number nine’ role.

He said: “I recently decided if I am going to make it professionally, I couldn’t be a jack of all trades and would have to stick to a position.

"Scrum half was the position I enjoyed the most and the one which suited me best."

“I do enjoy being able to play a variety of positions as it helps me better understand what other players need from me when I play scrum half.”

Carr-Smith plans to continue his education and hopes to attend Bath University. He has also made sure to keep up his training throughout the lockdown period.

He continued: “I’ve spent most of my time exercising to make sure I’m ready for when I do go back. I have my brother here so I’ve been doing some training with him.

“They’re quite good at hiding whether you’re likely to be offered a contract because they want you to work harder.

“I had no idea until the day I got told, there weren’t many hints. I was always optimistic and thought it could happen but I made other plans with university as well.

“I think it’s always a good idea to get some studies in alongside the Rugby.”