WEYMOUTH could hold a third interview with their top managerial candidates, chairman Ian White has revealed.

The Terras have whittled their shortlist of candidates down from 10 to three and may unveil their new boss earlier than Tuesday, as originally planned.

BBC Solent have reported Mikey Harris and Brian Stock as candidates, but Weymouth have not ruled out interim boss Bradley Asagba.

While the remaining candidates are proving almost inseparable, White ideally wants to reach a decision by Saturday.

“I’ve got to decide,” White told Echosport. “We had a panel that did the interviews and it’s probably going to end up coming down to me making the decision.

“They are so close, it’s so difficult.

“The remaining candidates are really, really good.

“I’ve got the views of everybody else and I can see the plusses in both, it isn’t going to be easy.

“I may end up where I’ve got to sit them both down in front-to-front interviews and make my decision then – I may not have any choice.

“We’ve done all the interviews over Zoom.

“I'm almost tempted to sit them with me on my own and the only way we’re going to do this is look at it and talk to them, get a real feel for what I think.

“One of them I have to talk to about what money he wants – that may even knock him out of the game.

“It’s going to be my decision and if it goes wrong it’s going to fall on my head, so I’ve got to make the right decision.

“I want to make a decision by Saturday. Whether we’ll announce it on Saturday I’m not sure. I did say we’d have whoever it is in place by Tuesday, but I’m looking at trying to get somebody in place or know who it is by Saturday.”