THIS season’s Wessex Fantasy Football competition is now ready to launch.

Wessex Fantasy Football (WFF) is designed to raise money for both the playing and club budget at Weymouth.

However, Terras’ chairman and WFF chief Ian White is aiming to take the scheme to the next level.

White has targeted 2,000 entrants in total, each paying £80 per season or £10 per month.

If those targets are reached, the Terras will have £20,000 per month at their disposal, split equally between player budget and club running costs, making the Terras’ main sponsor the Terras’ Family.

Elaborating on the scheme, White said: “This season I want to try and accomplish something very special. I want to reach the unbelievable target of 2,000 people/businesses either playing or donating to the venture.

“So why do I want to go for this rather challenging target?

“We are about to dip our toes into the top flight of non-league football. I won’t lie to you this is not going to be easy if I was to be honest we have reached this level maybe two or three seasons too early, but we are here and we must be ready to take on this challenge.

“Compare this promotion with the last time we were promoted to this league under Garry Hill. A great team, a great manager but we got there by paying out ridiculous amounts of money and we all know where that ended up.

“However, this time it is totally different. We have reached this level in a sustainable way and your current board are determined to carry on that way.

“We have money in the bank, we have gained some land back and the Bob Lucas Stadium is looking great. We have developed a very clever model that I believe will have to be the normal practice with other clubs as we move forward in this current climate. No one knows what is around the corner.

“So how have we reached this place? Well, the most common factor in all of this is us, the fans. Despite all that has happened over the years here we are. We are the common denominator. When the club needs help it is always the fans that come to the rescue and step up, after all it is our club and that has never been the case more than now. We are here because of us and that is how it should be.

“We as a club need to generate money in a way that will see us keep our heads above water as we move through the 2020/21 season.

“We are of course trying to raise money via commercial means and we have a team dedicated to that journey, so please contact the club office if you have a kind boss who wants to help or you are a kind boss yourself who wants to help the club in these exciting times.

“Season tickets are going really well and for that we thank you.

“So why the Wessex Fantasy Football? Well over the six years that the venture has been running, we have raised £130,000. That is an incredible achievement and it has also played a massive part in the rise of our great football club.

“One example of that is Brandon Goodship. The Wessex Fantasy Football paid all of his first season’s wages.”

*To be part of the 2020/21 Wessex Fantasy Football use the website below.

Interested parties can also pick up entry and donation forms up from the club office.