DORCHESTER Town boss Leigh Robinson hopes non-League football can emerge “unscathed” from a second national lockdown.

Rising positive cases of Covid-19 in the UK prompted the month-long shutdown, which is due to finish on Wednesday, December 2.

Non-League football from Step 3 and below has paused, leaving Dorchester without income for four weeks.

However, some clubs could be worse off than the Spring lockdown with player contracts – and wages – now activated.

Speaking to BBC Solent Sport, Robinson said Dorchester were “fortunate” three contracted players have left the Magpies since the start of the 2020/21 campaign.

“It could be harder this time round,” the former Truro and Taunton manager warned.

“It’s going to be really interesting because contracted players have still got to be paid, even though there’s no games, no income.

“We’re quite lucky that we haven’t got many of those.

“Obviously Tom Blair left and we had Franklyn (Clarke) and Sam Poole.

“We’re actually in a fortunate situation that we don’t have a load of contracted players to pay.

“There’s going to be an awful lot of clubs, even in this league, that have got contracted players.

“But our focus as a management team is ‘can we improve?’

“Can we improve the personnel? We’re always looking to improve here. We’re not saying after a win (against Gosport) or Tiverton that we’ve cracked it.

“We absolutely have not done that. We just need to find ways of looking to improve in the next few weeks.

“Hopefully non-League football as a whole can get through unscathed.”