DORCHESTER captain James Dunham revealed taking the captaincy for a fourth season was not a straightforward decision.

Dunham has overseen stunning back-to-back Dorset League title wins for Dorchester in 2019 and 2020.

However, during the summer Dunham weighed up whether to continue in the role or hand over the reins in search of a fresh direction.

“To be completely honest, I was thinking whether it’s the right time for someone else to take it over,” he told Echosport.

“Sometimes, even though you have been successful, new ideas and direction isn’t a bad thing.

“There’s a fine line between carrying on being successful or doing it one year too long.”

But Dunham is still happy in the role, adding: “I’m really enjoying playing with the lads and everything with the club.

“If I didn’t enjoy it, I probably wouldn’t be doing it. There’s an opportunity to hopefully have a full season next year and continue with what we’re doing.

“It’s not just about winning cricket games, just the club in general.

“Me and Mark Derrien (chairman) work closely together and we both agreed we’re in such a good position.

“We’re both enjoying being successful.

“I wouldn’t want to look back on it in a few years’ time and wish that I did it for a bit longer.

“I’m definitely looking forward to doing it for another year.”

Dunham also stressed his desire for Dorchester to continue its growth.

He said: “I always say to the lads, sometimes being a captain isn’t about Saturday and winning cricket games.

“It’s all about the All Stars, the youth, going all the way up to county cricket.

“I’d like to think – this will be my fourth year – that in the past few years we’ve been doing that the club just keeps progressing and going in the right direction.

“And hopefully we can get county cricket back at Dorchester.”

Dunham committed to continuing at the club’s annual general meeting, where it was also decided Rob Nobbs would stay on as second-team skipper.

Nick Roe will lead Dorchester into the T20 Cup final against Poole in April and was chosen for 2021 leadership in that competition.

Derrien was re-elected as chairman while coach Sean Fitzgerald will stay on for another season.

President David Joslin remains in his role for 2021 after supervising the opening of the snazzy electronic scoreboard at the Rec.

Gary Greenway is one of the few new appointments, taking the treasurer’s responsibility from Paul Quinn who was influential in assuming the running of the Rec from Dorchester Town Council.

The other new addition to the committee is former wicketkeeper Stuart Voss, who takes charge of Dorchy’s social media accounts and website.

Finally, groundsman and first-team player Jim Ryall stays on as Dorchester aim to host Dorset matches on their home turf.