JOHN Godbold will take inspiration from his time at Wimbledon while managing Bridport.

Godbold was part of the Dons’ original ‘Crazy Gang’ in the 1980s when the south Londoners sourced local players to build a strong team.

And the new Bees boss will look to emulate Wimbledon at St Mary’s Field.

He told Echosport: “If you look back, Wimbledon had a very run-down ground, very little funds.

“That’s where my whole ethos in terms of togetherness and wanting to play for the club (comes from).

“I really do believe there are local players out there who want to play properly for the club.

“That’s what I aim to build because that’s what I was brought up on and I saw that success that that brought a very small club like Wimbledon.

“In the old First Division, they were in the top 10 for eight years out of 10 – that’s some achievement.

“That’s the vision and way I’ll work, with positivity (but) I don’t have delusion in terms of it’s going to be a big job. The priority first of all is staying in the league.”