CONTROVERSY surrounded the Southern League this morning after officials posted a Twitter poll on the fate of the 2020/21 season - then swiftly deleted it.

Echosport has obtained a screen grab of the poll, which attracted 593 votes.

Other users have shared graphics with at least 50 more votes before the Southern League wiped the poll.

The Southern League have since apologised with the below tweet.

The Southern League's official Twitter account asked "What should happen to 2020/21 season?"

The graphic shows that 48.9 per cent of voters chose to finish the season in its entirety.

Just 30 per cent of respondents preferred teams playing each other once, and the remaining 21.1 per cent elected to end the season immediately using points per game.

The glaring omission to the options is the 'null and void' scenario which saved Dorchester Town from relegation during the first national lockdown due to Covid-19.

It is highly unlikely the Southern League would decide the future of the campaign based on a Twitter poll.

Board members and the 83 clubs in its four divisions would usually vote on the outcome of the season.

Followers of the Southern League have been largely critical of the poll, with some users labelling the vote a "shambles" and telling officials to "get a grip".

Below are some of the comments the poll created, with other users suggesting alternative methods of completing the season.