BRIAN Stock hinted the Terras’ old guard of players could be at risk if they do not meet his tactical demands.

With the core of Weymouth’s roster having achieved back-to-back promotions from Southern League level, the Terras have remained loyal to their successful players.

Prior to promotion to the National League and ex-boss Mark Molesley’s departure, numerous contract renewals were agreed well ahead of the 2020/21 season.

Stock’s preferred style of play is based on a high press to meet the requirements of National League intensity.

But he indicated change may be necessary.

Asked if he owed loyalty to the double-promoted players, Stock said: “I wouldn’t say I owe the players anything.

“They’ve warranted their contracts and the club have identified them as a quality of player that is needed for this level.

“I do think fitness is a factor. It’s something we need to address. With the way I want our team to play, I’ve brought in fast defenders because I want us to press high, close the gaps.

“I want us to be a team that come out of the blocks. If those players that have been put in those positions are not doing that, then it’s a problem.”