CLUBS in Steps 3 to 6 are set to receive £10m in grants, the Government has announced.

Money will be distributed to teams through the Football Stadia Improvement Fund.

Step 3 sides, such as Dorchester Town, can apply for a maximum of £27,000.

Step 4 clubs can ask for a maximum of £15,000 reducing to £10,500 for Portland United and Bridport at Step 5. Only £7,500 can go to Step 6 teams.

However, National League clubs in Steps 1 to 2 will have £11m made available to them in loans, not grants, despite ongoing discussions to reverse the decision.

National League are this week due to confer with their 66 member teams over the fate of the 2020/21 season.

Step 2 clubs have been told their season will restart on Saturday, February 6 after a two-week pause.

An argument between the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the National League has been brewing for some time.

The DCMS denies going back on grant funding promises.

Meanwhile, the National League claims the season would not have started had the prospect of loans been made clear before play began in October.

National League teams have already received £10m in National Lottery grants, not past December.

In non-League, the £10m in grants will go down well but questions remain over the outstanding £4m in funding promised to clubs in the Government’s ‘Winter Survival Package’.

Dorchester, Portland United and Bridport are among the teams set to benefit from the move.

With no competitive league fixtures for two months, a second consecutive voided season is expected.

Dorchester have already publicly backed a null and void finish.