WEYMOUTH have identified players to be furloughed – but the Terras’ board have not yet taken the option.

The Terras currently have a playing squad of around 30 players, with many disappointed come matchday as league rules only allow for squads of 16.

In addition, Covid-safe procedures at the Bob Lucas Stadium mean just 20 Weymouth players can be present for home games.

The Terras are reluctant to take on loans as part of the Government’s £11m Winter Survival Package for the National League.

Matchday revenue is also down due to matches being played behind-closed-doors, meaning the streaming of home fixtures and sponsorship form the majority of the club’s income.

The decision could be taken to help cut costs and ensure the unnamed group of players are paid, up to the end of the furlough scheme on Friday, April 30.

Weymouth’s league season ends at Notts County on Saturday, May 22.

Weymouth chairman Ian White told Echosport: “We’ve got no players furloughed.

“I wouldn’t say we’re not going to do it, it’s an option that we haven’t used yet.

“We have talked about it, but we haven’t done it. Under normal circumstances, we would’ve loaned probably six or seven players out to Step 2 or 3.

“Now they’ve closed Step 2 down, we’re going to have to – as a board – seriously look at it.

“It does look as though we won’t get funding and we won’t take loans.

“I know Chesterfield came out and said publicly they’ve furloughed players, but the big issue is that if you did it and HMRC didn’t like it, they could pull back all the furlough money you’ve been given.

“The pandemic has caused the issue, because we can’t put the players out anywhere else.”

Terras’ boss Brian Stock added: “The conversations have been ongoing. The most important thing is that we do things in the right way.

“The players will be understanding, those highlighted, in order to pay everyone associated with the club.

“As long as we do things in the right manner and address the situation, I’m sure the players would understand it’s done for all the right reasons.

“We’ve highlighted those individuals and we need to make sure we don’t leave ourselves short and we want to still be competitive.

“It will be a flexible furlough so we can recall (players) after seven days, so it’s not until the end of the season.

“By safeguarding one or two issues, we’ll make sure that every single person at the club gets paid, regardless.”

Weymouth resume their league campaign at King’s Lynn Town today (3pm).