DORCHESTER Town winger Sam Bayston braved snow, ice and rain to complete his 200km challenge in February, raising more than £1,000 for charity.

Bayston ran 214km for Prostate Cancer UK in February – just when the recent cold snap descended onto British shores.

He raised £1,080 courtesy of 76 donors – including many at the Magpies – and joked his body was “in tatters” halfway through the month before completing the 200km on Sunday.

Speaking to Echosport about his time on the roads, Bayston described the difficulties of his task.

He said: “The legs were OK, I got into a zone, but it was more mentally trying to finish work and get yourself out was the hardest thing.

“Once I was out I was OK, but it was a long month that’s for sure!

“I could’ve done it quicker. I was on 192km by the 25th but I said to myself I was going to have three days off and finish on Sunday.

“I’ve got a nine-month old baby so I took her out for a walk for the final 2km. It was a special occasion to end it. I ended up doing 214km in total.”

He added: “I’m going to have a big long rest for the next three or four weeks. I’m not going to do much.

“I thought I was going to get quicker as the month went on, but it was the opposite. I was plodding through, it wasn’t quick some days.

“I had to use it as recovery. One day, I did 21.3km and it was so hard because I’ve never done half-marathons. That was tough.

“My (best) 5km I managed to get in just over 20 minutes, which is quite a strong pace.”

Illustrating the cold weather conditions, Bayston added: “Honestly, it was that middle patch where it was sleeting, icy and was just so cold.

“I was finishing work, getting in at half four, five and going out. It was pitch black, cold, wet but I had to keep doing it.

“Where I live there’s a long lane which stretches about two or three kilometres and the whole lane was covered in snow.

“So there’s me running on the grass bit and it was sludgy, wet and muddy. It was horrible, I couldn’t win.

“It was either go on the snow and ice and risk hitting the deck, or get myself wet, muddy and cold.

“But it was for a good cause, it topped my fitness up and when outdoor sport returns that will be something to look forward to.”

Bayston admitted he was “blown away” by the amount raised having set an initial target of just £100.

He said: “It was incredible, I think it’s £1,080 at the moment.

“I was just blown away with how generous people have been, especially the tough time we’re in with uncertainty over jobs.

“Even people donating five or 10 pounds. The amount of people that’ve done it is incredible.

“My first target was £100, then £250 and it’s just gone up and up, it’s crazy.”

Bayston had plenty of backing from Dorchester teammates – although Covid-19 restrictions hindered plans of support.

He said: “Lockdown-wise, where you could only exercise one person at a time with one other household, it was a pain to get the lads together – three or four – but you’re not allowed.

“In the end, especially in the evenings, I didn’t want to trouble too many people.

“We spoke and all of them were messaging, giving me words of advice.

“But especially where we’re scattered around Dorset there’s not too many people near where I live, Poole-based.

“They all messaged. They were doing 10k runs and sending them to me, saying: ‘I’ve done it, you can do it.’

“It was good banter and nice to get some messages of support. A lot of them donated, Kev (Hodges) and the management staff, which was nice.”

Donations to Bayston’s fundraiser can be made here: