DORCHESTER Town boss Robbie Herrera will speak to “10 or 12” in the latest round of players talks for next season.

Magpies’ manager Herrera has planned face-to-face summits with the current squad and will be looking to make extra signings in the off-season.

Key to his blueprint will be a different system of play, with the correct players then slotting in.

Herrera is keen to avoid a “round pegs in square holes” scenario and conceded some players would be moved on.

He told Echosport: “I’ll get cracking with speaking to the lads face-to-face. There will probably be 10 or 12 that I’ll get through.

“I’ll let them know what I’m planning and looking for in the coming season, should they be with us.

“We can’t continue with what we’ve had. I’m not saying they’re bad players – they’re not.

“But I’ve got to look to the system and how I want to play for the coming season.

“I don’t want to go in, like we have done previously, with round pegs in square holes. It’s not worked out for us.

“I need to find a system that suits and get players to fit into that. Some lads will have to move on, unfortunately.

“I’m hoping I give them enough time, I’m sure I have, for them to find other clubs and get themselves sorted.”

Dorchester are currently engaging in light and fun-based training sessions every Saturday at the Avenue Stadium.