FORMER Dorchester boss Robbie Herrera has revealed his thirst for another management job following his Magpies departure.

Herrera, along with assistant boss Kevin Hodges, was sacked after the 4-1 defeat to Lymington Town earlier in October.

Opinions were split on whether Herrera was sacked too soon, with the case for and against centring on poor results and good performances respectively.

Speaking after his exit from the Avenue Stadium, Herrera admitted he is eager to have another crack in the manager’s hotseat.

He told Echosport: “If there’s a job that comes my way or becomes available, obviously I’ll look at it.

“Now I’ve had a taste of it, I’d like a little bit more. It hasn’t put me off, I’m still ambitious, I still want to do things.

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“I want to still get involved. My phone’s here so if anyone needs a manager, or any coaching, then I’m available.

“I enjoyed my time at the club, it’s run well, I’m just a little disappointed in the way it’s ended.”