NEW Body Fitness and Expert Catering played out a gripping 40-40 in the South & West Dorset League Premier Division.

Expert got off to a determined start, with great encouragement and communication between the team.

However, New Body’s GD Jen Lewis and WD Ellen Blackwood made it difficult for Expert through the mid-court.

Expert’s determination paid off though, and they finished the quarter with a three-goal lead.

There was quality play from both sides in the second quarter, both using strong, accurate passes. Expert’s GS Rachel Scarff used efficient movement and footwork to take clean shots and kept her side in the lead.

New Body applied excellent defensive pressure in the third quarter, forcing Expert into making mistakes. New Body capitalised on this and closed the gap going into the final quarter.

All players lifted the intensity in the final quarter, resulting in close one-on-one contests all over court.

Play was end to end, with both teams celebrating any small win on court. This was a tightly contested match, culminating in a well earned draw, and points on the board for both teams.



ALSO in the Premier Division, Warmer Home Improvements claimed a 44-17 victory over Bay Fencing.

Warmer started with some great defending, especially from GK Steph Nation. Warmer’s C Becky Hallett was also playing incredibly well as both teams held their own in a tight first quarter.

Warmer then dominated the second half but Bay GD Charlotte Newman was still working hard and coming up with interceptions, however Warmer were too strong on this occasion and they took a solid win.



THIS thrilling Division One contest saw Meraki edge Team Waikiki 34-33.

The game started with high-energy play especially in the mid-court, with Waikiki’s WA Becky Drake providing support throughout Waikiki’s attack.

Meraki’s defence worked hard to try and stop this but Waikiki were too strong at first and they won the first quarter 10-6.

Meraki stepped it up in the second quarter and came back fighting.

Their GD Lauren Osgood stopped multiple attempts at goal from the Waikiki shooters, and she was rewarded by her shooters who looked like they could not miss. Waikiki kept a lead of only two goals going into half-time.

The intensity of the game was still high but both teams continued to play well, using direct passes and good movement all over court.

Some tactical changes at the start of the third quarter by Meraki paid off for them and they closed Waikiki’s lead to just one goal at the end of the quarter.

There were changes from both sides going into the final quarter, as the intensity of the game required fresh legs on court.

Both teams were desperate for the win at this point, and neither were making many mistakes for the other to capitalise on.

Then, Meraki’s GD Donna Butcher injured her ankle and Meraki were forced to make a change. The teams continued to battle it out during injury time, until the final whistle went, and Meraki had comeback to win by just one goal.



WJNC Wildcats secured a 36-6 victory in Division Two over Zest.

Wildcats started strong in the first quarter with some quick play and precise passes. However, Zest’s defence did pick up some great interceptions, keeping Wildcats’ first quarter score to just four goals.

Zest’s confidence continued to grow in the second quarter after they got on the scoreboard, however Wildcats’ shooters Maraia Ratvlailai and Caitlin Bennet were shooting very accurately, and they took a 12-goal lead going into half-time.

Wildcats excelled in the second half, taking advantage of all their possession.

Zest, however, communicated positively and effectively with each other on court and demonstrated clear improvement since the start of the season.