MONEY is available to new Dorchester Town boss Glenn Howes to make new signings – should they be required.

Howes, who last week joined the Magpies from AFC Totton, is assessing the current crop of players.

When Dorchester next play on Saturday at Swindon Supermarine, Howes will have had four training sessions to work with the squad inherited from predecessor Robbie Herrera.

Howes is yet to make a new signing and is playing a game of patience before he dips into the player market, if at all.

He told Echosport: “Scott (Symes, chairman) has been very supportive. It was one of the first things we went through.

“We had a look at the playing budget, went through the numbers, had some detailed information about the current performance of the squad and players.

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“He’s made it quite clear that there is some finance available to strengthen if and when required, which is really nice.

“We’re in quite a fortunate position to be able to go out and recruit if needs be.”

Explaining his thoughts on any potential recruitment, Howes added: “When you’re going after new signings you’ve got to know where you are as a team and players to support the existing squad.

“I don’t mind saying it – I’m not there yet. There’s no host of signings coming in.

“Every single player at the club, we’ve had a good meeting. It’s an opportunity for them to show me what they have – they want to be part of things moving forward.

“If we do feel there are weaknesses within the current squad we’ll try and support the players currently.

“If we’re unable to do that in a short period of time we might look at bringing some players in.

“Until we’ve assessed it from top to bottom it’s really not fair to start bringing players in.

“It’s not the right approach, either, in my opinion. We need to know where weaknesses are and where we need to strengthen first.”