DORCHESTER Town boss Glenn Howes felt the 1-0 loss to Truro City could have “gone either way” but admitted the White Tigers played the Bolitho Park conditions better.

Truro, who are temporarily playing home games at Plymouth Parkway’s ground, scored what proved to be the winner in the 11th minute as Jamie Richards headed in unmarked.

Dorchester rallied in the second half and hit the post through Charlie Gunson but the Magpies could not force an equaliser.

The fixture was the 14th league game to be played at Bolitho Park already this season and Howes felt Dorchester’s passing game consequently lacked rhythm.

He told Echosport: “The game could’ve gone either way. Saturday we were beaten by the better side, but (Truro) was completely different.

"They were resolute, very physical, organised and played the conditions really well.

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“It was difficult for us to find any rhythm in terms of our passing game. It was hard to break Truro down but second half I thought we gave it everything we had.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t get the ball over the line.”

Asked if Dorchester had created enough chances for his liking, Howes replied: “No, I don’t think either side created a huge amount.

“The conditions were that difficult. Truro went back to front very quickly and I thought we negated their threats really well.

“The defenders were really good and the midfield were organised. We limited them but equally to be able to break Truro down it was difficult conditions to do so.

“That’s an area of our game we’re going to have to develop over the course of the next few weeks.

“You look at the profile of their team and the profile of ours and perhaps conditions slightly favoured Truro in comparison to how we play.

“That aside, we have to find a way where we can create more chances in front of goal.”

Howes added: “We’re still getting better and every game brings up a different challenge.

“We’ve got to learn to deal with conditions if we can’t play round and through teams.

“We have to find another way of putting pressure (on) in the final third and ultimately take chances.

“There’s a significant amount of positives. We’re getting better in terms of our organisation.

“What I want to see now is over the next three to four weeks when we’re playing teams of Truro’s ilk, I expect us to be beating them, I really do.

“If there are improvements to see, these 1-0 defeats have got to be turned into draws and three points.”