BRIAN Stock urged as many Weymouth fans as possible to attend their huge Vanarama National League battle with Southend today, adding: “We need their support”.

Stock’s men are on a six-game losing streak in league trim, slipping into the relegation zone with Southend just one point and a place above the Terras.

However, due to recent results there is disquiet among a section of Weymouth fans – some of whom have voiced their displeasure at games and online.

Among them, a minority have signalled their intentions to give the match a miss.

Stock, though, encouraged Weymouth’s fanbase to turn out in numbers at the Bob Lucas Stadium for a pivotal game this afternoon (3pm).

“We need their support,” he told Echosport. 

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“We’re a club that at this moment in time, given what we have at our disposal, are fighting for our lives.

“In those situations, whether it’s good or bad, you want the support to remain there and hopefully give (the team) that push to kick-start the season.

“You know how much a win could do for the set of players.

“Results dictate confidence and the supporters have played a big part in the club’s success.

“The National League is a huge league and when the going gets tough, we need that support even more so.

“If we can get all the supporters at the club, it would give us a better chance. The 12th man is going to help us.

“It’s down to them at the end of the day, we’ll just carry on doing what we’re doing and working as hard as we can.”

He added: “If attendances drop that will take money out of the club and the effects of that will remain to be seen, whether that’s short term or long term.

“We’re trying all we can. We know we need new players in and we’re going to do all we can.

“We’ve still got 24 games to go. There’s still loads of football to be played and 72 points at stake.

“If we can turn one or two of those performances into results – like we did last year when the going was tough – we need the same support again.”

Following Gerard Benfield's exit and Tommy Scott's arrival, Weymouth are waiting on international clearance for a striker.