BRIAN Stock left Weymouth yesterday after 15 months and 69 games in charge of the Terras.

But how does his reign compare to other Weymouth managers of the past?

Here's how he fares through all the key stats.

Win percentage

STOCK took charge of 69 games but only won 17 of them, which is just under a quarter of matches won at 24.6%.

This compares unfavourably to previous boss Mark Molesley, who with 57.7% of games won is the fifth most successful Weymouth manager of all time on this metric.

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Billy Kingdon, who won 31 of 40 games in his stint between 1947 and 1948, is the Terras' leading boss in win percentage terms with a whopping 77.5%.

Perhaps a more pertinent stat to use for Stock's tenure is his win percentage set against other Weymouth managers in Step 1 football.

Of those, Garry Hill leads the way with 48.3% in 29 games followed by Stock's good friend Jason Tindall on 30.4% across 56 games.

John Hollins with 28.6% in 42 matches comes third ahead of Stock, while Alan Lewer (16.7%) and Bobby Gould (0%) took charge in the fateful 2009 season and consequently have poorer records than most.

Happy hunting

WHILE in charge at Weymouth, a staggering four of Stock's 17 wins came against Maidenhead United.

Last season Weymouth won a treble of matches against Alan Devonshire's men, winning 2-1 at home and 1-0 away in the league after winning 3-2 in the FA Trophy third round.

This season, the Terras defeated Maidenhead 3-1 at home in one of only two victories to be achieved by two clear goals - the other being the 2-0 win at Aldershot.

After Maidenhead, Stock piloted Weymouth to two wins over Stockport, King's Lynn and Aldershot.

Any other business

AMONG the other key stats for Stock included average league position.

His score of 19th suggests Weymouth have been treading water ever since his arrival, although the Terras did climb to a highest placing of ninth during his era.

In his 69 games, he lost 41 times and drew 11 alongside the 17 wins.

Stock ranks at 36th of the 42 permanent managers in win percentage terms since records began.

He also has the lowest win percentage of any Terras boss with more than 42 games played.

Stock is the first manager to be relieved of his role since April 2017 when Jason Matthews left the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Managerial update

ECHOSPORT understands Sean O'Driscoll and Louis Langdown have also departed the Terras.

Langdown was formerly assistant manager, while O'Driscoll's deal with Weymouth was only due to run until the end of January.

Unsurprisingly, the ex-Liverpool assistant remains loyal to a player who showed such loyalty to him at Bournemouth and Doncaster and leaves in unison with the ex-Wales international.