DORCHESTER Town assistant boss James Wood is open to a budget increase at the Magpies but insisted he and manager Glenn Howes would work under what they are given.

Wood was responding to comments made in the Bournemouth Daily Echo last month by Poole Town manager Tommy Killick.

Killick claims the Dolphins’ purse has decreased for the past six seasons while as many as 14 Southern League Premier South clubs are “throwing big money” at promotion tilts.

Dorchester are understood to possess one of the healthier budgets in the league but have battled against relegation in four of the past five seasons.

When Killick’s comments were put to him, Wood told Echosport: “If you ask any manager if they’d like more in their budget, they’re going to say ‘yes’!

“That goes without saying, but Glenn has always been realistic. The chairman (Scott Symes) and club as a whole have always been very honest with what we have.

“Your budget is your budget. Would anyone like more money? Of course you would, but we’ve always worked within a budget.

“On many occasions we’ve worked under budget, so that’s a simple parameter that the board will give us – you work with what you’re given.

“I’d never make comments on other teams’ budgets because we don’t know. (Poole) were very quick to sign Tony Lee and Corby Moore on extended contracts, so they’re not paying for nothing.”

With only two promotion places available per season, Wood reiterated his belief that the strength-in-depth of the division is in rude health.

He said: “We’ve been involved at this level for a number of years with whatever clubs me and Glenn have been at.

“I would say this is the most competitive I’ve seen this league for a number of years. It’s hugely competitive from top to bottom.

“Clubs realise that to compete in this league you have to sign players of a certain quality.

“When you’re signing players of a certain quality, they demand a certain amount of money.”