NEW Dorchester Town signing Keith Emmerson revealed he has "always admired” the Magpies following his move to the Avenue Stadium.

Emmerson, 39, joins the Magpies after two seasons in the National League South with Hungerford Town.

Centre-back Emmerson can also operate in midfield and has a fountain of Southern League experience to call on after spells with Poole, Taunton, Farnborough and Winchester.

Emmerson played with Dorchester boss Glenn Howes at Poole and is a serving member of the British Army as a quartermaster sergeant instructor.

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Emmerson also has the rare distinction of having earned 100 caps for the UK Armed Forces football team.

In his first interview since joining the Magpies, Yeovil-based Emmerson revealed his motivations behind the move.

He told Echosport: “I spent the last two seasons at Hungerford and there was a lot of time away from work and family.

“As I’m getting older and the kids are getting bigger I want to limit time away from them.

“I had offers at various other clubs but it was more beneficial for me personally to be back home, especially when I live in Yeovil.

“I’ve been fortunate to know Glenn and Woodsy (James Wood, assistant) from when I was at Poole many years ago.

“I’ve always had constant contact with them and when they took the job at Dorchester they asked me if it was something of interest.

“At that time I was obviously signed for Hungerford and that was my focus. When the season finished, they asked the question again.

“I had a chat with them and they said: ‘This is where we want to go, we want to build a squad to be competitive. We want it to be a young squad as well so we can carry it on with the development of the under-18s and 23s.

“But, understanding what the league is and how hard it is, especially at Step 3, they need experienced players. They said that was one of the reasons they wanted me – to help with that.”

Emmerson also recalled how past experiences at Dorchester as an opposition player had left a positive impression.

He added: “So, the club’s a great club with the facilities there. It’s something I’ve always seen, especially at Poole and Taunton.

“I’ve played there many a time and obviously had pre-season games when I was with Hungerford.

“I’ve always admired the stature of the club, the facilities and the support that comes.

“The project that Glenn and James took on, they got the chance to show their managerial ability to build and assemble a squad to be competitive for this season.”

Asked how easy it was to give up National League South football and drop down a division, Emmerson said: “I’m fortunate with the age I’m at.

“If I was younger, it would be a lot harder. Me personally, I feel like I can go on and on but my time will come.

“Playing in the National League was a way of proving no matter how old I am I’ve still got the ability to go and mix it. I did that.

“This is something I can go into this year, having that experience to push on again.

“I can’t stand still. The game gets quicker and quicker and there are more and more people that want to play.

“Whichever club I play at, it’s always going to be a challenge. It’s something I’ve got to constantly prove to myself and the people that come to watch that I am worth the signing to Dorchester.

“It’s irrelevant, playing at Step 2. If I can’t do it at Step 3 I’m not going to be judged on what my previous clubs were.

“As much as I’ll miss some of the bigger grounds and support, my focus now is solely on being at Dorchester and trying to prove myself, the club and fans that I’m worthy of wearing the shirt.”