TOM Killick was in no doubt as to the correctness of the decision to abandon due to freezing fog Dorchester Town’s home meeting with Beaconsfield Town.

The Magpies were level at 1-1 with the Rams after 66 minutes, Olaf Koszela’s stupendous 35-yard strike cancelling out Dan Bradshaw’s deflected opener within a minute.

However, a match that had begun in poor visibility quickly descended into farce as supporters and staff alike were left squinting into an opaque cloak of fog after half-time.

Players and the ball became increasingly difficult to see as darkness descended, with floodlights doing little to alleviate the conditions.

And Killick was unequivocal that the correct call had been made to postpone the Pitching In Southern League Premier South contest.

Asked if he felt the right move was made by referee Paul Barber, Killick told Echosport: “I did in the end because I feel you could’ve ended up with the game being won or lost on something quite farcical.

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“I don’t think the two goals were affected but they could easily have had some fairly innocuous cross or shot come in and the goalkeeper misses it.

“Once you’re in that territory, the game can turn on something quite farcical, I don’t think it’s appropriate to carry on.

“It’s frustrating for so many people, mostly the fans who’ve turned up in very cold conditions and watched an absolute debacle of a game in a lot of aspects and the game gets finished early.

“They may feel it was a blessed relief, I don’t know.”

Killick’s last sentence reflected his discontent with Dorchester’s display, which had up to then been sedate with only a Leighton Thomas one-on-one chance to add to Koszela’s goal.

Killick said: “The first half was one of the worst halves of football I’ve seen from us. I did worry a bit in terms of I knew Salisbury, playing top of the league away it sharpens everything mentally and physically.

“Then, I worry that suddenly you’re at home and your levels drop and everything can be a bit flat. That’s exactly what it was in the first half.

“Then I kept thinking we’d get ourselves going and we never did. It was just dreadful, really insipid with nothing happening.

“No disrespect to Beaconsfield, I thought the game was there for the taking. I just sensed that it wouldn’t have taken that much for us to get hold of the game by the scruff of the neck.

“We never did and never looked like doing it. Then, the second half starts and we really had quite strong words.

“I thought perhaps we'd come out all guns blazing and we were probably a little bit better. We’ve conceded that goal and based on what I’d seen up to that point I feared for us.

“There didn’t seem to be any real fight or urgency about us. We got ourselves back into it with a wonder goal and then the game is stopped.

“It wasn’t good from us in any aspect and I feel sorry for the people that paid to watch it.”

Dorchester next travel to Hanwell Town tomorrow evening for their rearranged league fixture (7.45pm).