PORTLAND United manager Kyle Critchell has escaped with no ban but must pay a £30 fine after being charged with foul and abusive language.

Critchell’s charge related to comments made regarding the officiating of his side’s 4-2 loss at Cowes Sports in December.

Critchell could have been lumbered with a multiple-game ban but officials have opted for a more lenient course of action for the ex-Southampton academy man.

Quizzed on the progress of the process, Critchell told Echosport: “We’ve had a letter back, which was lovely.

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“It was only a £30 fine, I was delighted after being threatened with anything from a £300 fine and a one-to-six-game ban.

“Thankfully, all the advice I was given about not responding has worked.

“Essentially, when you get these charges through you get the opportunity to send some evidence to support your claim if you wanted to fight against the ban or fine.

“It was advised for us from the committee and the people who have dealt with them before to just accept it and move on. That’s what we did.

“Thankfully, they’ve seen sense and just the fine is all that I walk away with.”

It means Critchell will be in the dugout for today’s home clash with Velocity Wessex League Premier Division leaders AFC Stoneham (3pm).