THE continuing block on nomadic speedway teams such as Weymouth risks damaging the future of young British riders, Wildcats’ co-promoter James Tresadern has warned.

Weymouth have not competed competitively since a blanket ban on nomadic teams came into action in 2020, effectively ending the national development league young riders relied upon.

Wildcats have been restricted to invitational meetings since then and are also prevented from finding a new home track location due to prohibitively expensive land costs.

And, with top teams unafraid to scour the rider market in Europe and worldwide, Tresadern voiced his concerns about the direction of the sport in Britain.

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He told Echosport: “That’s what we were there for, to develop the younger riders and bring them through. Get them ready for racing proper league level.

“There is a shortage of young riders coming up into the league, which is why a lot of clubs are looking abroad.

“You can’t just get them to do training, training, training and then league racing. They’ve got to suddenly understand the correct settings and get used to the track quickly.

“It’s hindering the sport, us not being out there. That’s not just us, all the nomadic teams.”