WEYMOUTH have confirmed the make-up of manager Mark Molesley’s backroom team at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Brad Asagba is named as assistant manager having previously taken first-team coach and Weymouth Reserves manager roles with the Terras.

Jamie Wells is confirmed as first-team coach, also returning to the club after the promotion-winning season of 2019/2020.

Josh McQuoid, interim assistant boss before Molesley’s appointment, will stay in a coaching role. McQuoid has returned to training after undergoing treatment for a sarcoma in his leg and is working towards resuming his playing career.

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Jason Matthews, interim manager for the games against Bath and Yeovil, will remain as goalkeeping coach until the end of the season. Matthews will take up a business and football operations role from 2024/25 onwards.

Robbie Yates also makes a return to the Terras from next season, having stepped in under Matthews’ interim team.

Yates will continue to work with the Terras between now and the end of the season.

Lloyd Green remains kit manager and Georgie Turner will see out the season as club physio.

Weymouth said: “We would like to place on record our sincerest thanks to the interim management team of Jason, Josh, Robbie, Lloyd and Georgie who were magnificent over the last week and gave us two performances to be proud of.”

Speaking to Echosport, Molesley said: “I always like to work with people who know me well, because we have a certain way of working on the training pitch. It’s all hands on deck.

“You want to make sure that you’ve got people who can complement me and pick up around me.

“It was such an important part of my tenure here before. The staff were monumental for me. It’s very much a team effort.

“The backroom staff are so important. They do so much hard work behind the scenes. I’m the front person who sometimes gets too much praise when it goes well.

“Then, I also get it the other way, which I remind them of! But no, my staff are so vitally important to me.”

Molesley added: “Things have accelerated really quickly, I wasn’t expecting to be sitting back here. Football moves quickly.

“Seeing the players live, being back here, was quite emotional for me.

“Now, it’s all about planning how we go ahead and giving this the best shot we can. To do that, I’ve certainly got to have some good people around me.

“This is important for me that I do it my way. I’ve struggled to line everything up since I’ve left the club, the way I did here.

“It wasn’t through lack of effort of trying. I’ve had some fantastic experiences since I’ve left the football club, some tough times.

“That always makes you stronger going forward. I’m hoping to use all of that experience, hardship, suffering to make me better and stronger.

“The best time of my management career was at Weymouth because I felt I had full control and full alignment from everyone around us.

“I’m certainly hoping to recreate that and give it my best shot.”

Molesley and his new team will oversee their first game at Eastbourne on Saturday (3pm).