FOR many people, Nigel Rogers might be the first person you meet upon arrival at the Bob Lucas Stadium on matchday.

He is one of an army of volunteers who help things run smoothly for the Terras, with his role to greet supporters driving to the ground and collect car-parking money.

This can be done in all sorts of weather, meaning Rogers needs to brave the unforgiving elements in winter with little cover for several hours.

We continue our Weymouth ‘unsung heroes’ series with the affable volunteer, who spent time living in Malawi before moving back to the UK.

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NW: Perhaps you could explain a little more about your role at the club?

NR: It’s quite simple, we control the car park to collect the money for the club and also help people get into the ground. Yeovil, obviously, was an exceptional day but Farnborough was straightforward in so far as people occupy the car park until, in the very rare occasion, that it’s full. For a normal matchday, the car park can accommodate crowds Weymouth are getting, but of course Yeovil was a Football League crowd. I don’t do things autonomously, I always check with match supervisors on the radio. For instance, because it was dry, we allowed some Yeovil fans to park on the grass. So, that’s basically it. We collect the money, we advise people where to park. Yeovil was also an element of directing people.

NW: How long have you been volunteering at Weymouth?

NR: I’ve been doing it regularly since the start of last season but I did it the season before. My cousin is also a volunteer here and he got me to help out for the Wrexham game (in 2022). If you were a right miserable so and so, it wouldn’t go down too well. My colleague (Trev) is very jovial and I keep a watching brief. Actually, I support Chelsea but I’ve followed Weymouth ever since I was a boy, so you’re talking about over 50 years, and my cousin lives dead opposite the old Rec ground.

NW: What would you say to anyone wanting to get involved with volunteering?

NR: Bring an umbrella! To be honest, if bad weather puts you off then you’re not going to be prepared to be a volunteer. We were famously at the Hampton & Richmond game last season, I’m talking about the first one, and we were freezing. But if people have got a real passion for Weymouth then it’s a win-win situation because you’re helping the club but you’re also getting to watch the game. It’s no hardship and the club is obviously quite kind. I’m a follower of football, so I know how non-League clubs run. When my cousin said to come down and help out, I weighed things up and thought it was no hardship. I took some persuasion. I like watching Chelsea and seeing the results as they come in, so missing Final Score once every two weeks is not too bad! And, anyway I can use the Red Button and find out the scores.