BELLE Construction continued their mighty start to the South & West Dorset League Premier Division season, cruising to a 75-24 win over Warmer Home Improvements A.

Belle started with great momentum to take an early lead, although Warmer GK Sarah Bryant applied strong defensive pressure, gaining a few impressive interceptions.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Warmer secured two quick turnovers and moved the ball swiftly down the court to be converted.

Belle responded and continued to work the ball down the court with confidence seeing their attacking duo Charlie Naerger and Ashleigh Browne feeding flawlessly into the goal circle. 

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The start of the third quarter saw multiple defensive turnovers from both teams, taking the ball from end to end. Pressure increased and rebounds under the post were highly contested at both ends. Warmer’s GS Stacey Mόller made some impressive long shots whilst under pressure from Belle’s strong defence.

Warmer came out fighting in the final quarter and increased their pace of play through the mid court. However, this was not enough to stop Belle and their dynamic shooting duo GS Laura Bucke and GA Jaimee Browne as they combined seamlessly to take the win.



BUGLERS edged The Veterans’ Hub 33-31 in the Premier Division thanks to key interceptions late in the game.

Buglers were missing a full squad allowing Vets to make a lot of interceptions throughout this quarter.

Buglers missed a number of opportunities to score and then saw their GA Kat Frampton go off injured but they fought back and started to make some interceptions in the circle allowing them to stay within the score.

Frampton came back on in the second quarter, while Vets continued to intercept but Buglers did not let up and closed the gap to within one goal.

The third quarter saw a more even game with both teams scoring nine goals. Buglers made some impressive interceptions in the circle and scored multiple goals on the trot, although Vets maintained a four-goal advantage.

The final quarter continued with a fast-paced game and with only four minutes until the final whistle the score was even.

However, key interceptions from Buglers enabled them to pull ahead and win the game in this intense quarter.



ARTIFEX Dragons continued their flawless start after five games in Division One, defeating Joe Newton 57-30.

GS Madison Carters’ accurate shooting put Dragons into an early lead but Joe Newton’s defence was strong and increased the pressure in the goal circle by taking the rebounds however this struggled to convert into goals.

Dragons took the first goal of the second quarter thanks to an impressive long shot from GA Rhianna Nutman.

Joe Newton showed great defensive skills with strong interceptions from their GD and WD. Joe Newton’s shooters were accurate and saw them double their score in this quarter. However, Dragons took the lead by strong passes from all players and getting in front of their opponents.

Carter’s accurate shooting allowed Dragons to pull further ahead. Joe Newton showed great skills in creating space for them to take possession and turn this over in their goal circle. Artifex Dragons’ WA Jennifer Ayles supported her team with excellent movement around the court and support around the goal circle.

Dragons stepped up their defensive pressure and successfully took possession of play from rebounds in the Joe Newton goal circle.

However, this did not stop an impressive long shot by Joe Newton’s GS Carla Harper. Unfortunately, this was not enough and Dragons secured the win.



ARTIFEX Sirens made it a club double with a 41-39 win over First Fit Windows in Division Two.

Sirens started with early pressure and excellent shooting from their GA Jemima Gomm but an early lead was established by First Fit thanks to strong teamwork from shooters Ella Stanton and Kathy Sims.

First Fit maintained their lead despite Sirens battling back with a couple of quick goals and strong shooting.

The second quarter started with good mid-court interceptions by First Fit’s C Caroline Hattersley and they took the lead with effective shooting.

Sirens mounted a comeback with quick passes and accurate shooting, while First Fit rued long passes being intercepted.

Sirens’ shooters pulled it back to hand their side the lead in the closing minutes of the penultimate quarter and they were able to hold on in a tense final period to claim victory.