CHAIRMAN Ian Ridley has called upon Weymouth’s creditors to remain patient as the board of directors continue the gradual process of rebuilding the club behind the scenes.

The Terras unveiled Matty Hale and Andy Tillson as their new management team yesterday, but Ridley was quick to admit afterwards that the non-League outfit is still walking a financial tightrope.

He told Echosport: “We have paid all our football creditors now. I have done deals with all 10 players that were here during the shenanigans in February and we have informed the FA of that and are now in a position to progress.

“However, the club is still financially in a lot of trouble and what has helped us survive so far is the magnificent response we have had in terms of season ticket sales, which we want to keep going throughout the summer.

“When looking at next season’s budget, probably a third will go in wages, a third towards the club’s running costs, and the other third will be used to pay off our creditors.

“Those creditors can now see the club gradually paying off its debts and slowly getting back on its feet. But it is a very tentative process and we need those creditors to bear with us.

“We had to pay the football creditors off first because that is a reality of football, otherwise the FA could have closed us down, so all we ask of our other creditors is that they try to remain patient.

“It is important that people understand that we could yet be struggling should those creditors push too hard.”

The share sale the board put into action at the end of last season to raise much-needed funds has also been a success but the board is still keen to hear from people willing to invest in the club’s future.

Ridley added: “The share sale has pretty much slowed now but there are still shares available to be bought.

“We had the initial surge when we took over but that money went into the running costs at the end of the season and was used to pay the staff that needed paying.

“We would love for more people to come forward and if anyone wants more details about how they can have more of a say in the running of the club and its financial future they should get in touch.

“We have also got a sponsors’ night planned for Thursday, May 28 where we will be inviting everyone who has sponsored the club over the last two or three years to come in and listen to what we have planned for the future.

“We will apologise to those who did not feel like they had value for money in the past, and hopefully over the summer we will be able to get some of those local businesses back on board by offering them better value, hospitality packages and more publicity.

“That is going to be a big night for us, and I will also be meeting with the trust and the supporters’ club over the next month or so to put together a strategy of fundraising events.

“It has already been extremely pleasing to see the amount of people who have already offered to give their time and expertise for free to help cut the running costs.

“And it is that type of help and support, which will prove crucial in terms of the club’s future in the months to come.”

Commenting on the arrival of Hale and Tillson, Ridley said: “When you look to appoint a manager, you look to appoint the right person for the club at that particular time. And at this moment Matty and Andy tick all the boxes for us.

“We have got a very keen, young and enthusiastic manager in Matty with a very experienced coach alongside him in Andy, and I think that is a great blend.

“Not only that but they also know where to get players with the right quality at the right price, which is very important. The last time I was here I came very close to appointing a young manager in Paul Tisdale. And had Steve Claridge not taken the job, I may well have brought Paul in.

“He has gone on to do very well at Exeter City and in Matty and Andy, I feel we have a management team that has very similar qualities.

“In some ways this is not a good time to come in and manage this club because the budget next season will be lower than it has been for a decade.

“However, it is also a good time because sometimes a club has to go back and find its core focus before being able to move on again, and that is exactly what we need to do now.

“We want to bring in young players that want to get into the shop window and provide entertainment for a healthy crowd.

“However, the club’s expectations have got to be realistic and manageable as well. And what we need at the present time is a team that is going to deliver entertaining football and keep us in the Conference South while we stabilise off the field and develop young committed players.”

When asked whether Hale’s and Tillson’s links with Team Bath was one of the main reasons behind their appointment, Ridley said: “You have got to look at where we are as a club at the moment. And in Matty and Andy, not only do we have two very good coaches but we also have the pick of a lot of players and potentially the use of the fantastic facilities at Bath University.

“We will be mostly part-time next season and I am sure all those elements will help us attract players, although we are looking at players in this area as well.”