SHAUN Hennessy has claimed that Weymouth chairman George Rolls is “actively trying to sell the club.”

The ex-director also stated that the Terras’ chief had told him that he was going to resign yesterday – a move that never materialised.

Hennessy’s revelations came in response to an outburst Rolls made to Echosport just before kick-off of last night’s 9-3 victory over Merley Cobham Sports when he was asked to respond to rumours on the terraces that he is ready to quit.

He said: “That’s news to me but who knows what tomorrow will bring? To be honest it is always the same people that come out with this stuff and I have already spoken to a certain individual who seems quite keen to spread negative rumours.

“And my response to that person is put your money where your mouth is but I know he will never do it.

“It is the same old thing in Weymouth and the person I am talking about is one of those that just wants the exposure all the time.

“If he had wanted to, he could have kept hold of the club but he chose not to. Some people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

“If I am not wanted I will go. And if that individual wants to write a cheque out for the benefit of the football club then he is more than welcome to.”

That “certain individual” was indeed Hennessy and when asked for a response to Rolls’ challenge just an hour later, he said: “George is actively trying to sell the club. He offered it to me yesterday and also said that he was going to resign today (Thursday).

“George has transferred all the shares from Make It So Ltd into his own name, which means Weymouth FC and the ground is now owned by two separate concerns who don’t care about the club.

“When I asked George whether he would sell his shares, he said he would but only at the full market value. He initially said he would hold those shares in trust but he never signed anything.

“I told him that I did not want anything to do with it all and I don’t know what his game is.

“He keeps asking me whether I will give him money for the club but at the end of the day he has nothing to sell unless he passes the shares over.

“With no shares and no ground the club is not just in a hole now, it is in one with a lid over it.

“Why would that attract sponsors and investors? The short answer is it won’t because there are no benefits.”

He went on to add: “The board he has at the moment is the best the club could ever ask for. Simon Etherington, Mark Coleman, William Ronald and Nigel Biddlecombe are all working extremely hard and totally believe in WFC and the chairman should be over the moon with that.

“But are those associate directors being backed by their chairman? They also cannot see just what effect transferring those shares into George’s name could have on the club.

“George will say if he had not done that then the club would have had to pay capital gains tax but that is not the case and we have that in writing.”

Hennessy has also accused Rolls of depriving the Wey-mouth Supporters’ Assoc-iation of £4,000 worth of shares and reckons he has also off-ered the club to Steve Beasant, who made a failed attempt to take the reins last year.

In conclusion, Hennessy said: “George was the only person that could have got the CVA agreement through. No local businessman could have done that but distrust is causing fans to stay away.

“It is a shame because the club now owes very little money and the team are doing their best for the cause on a very minimal budget.

“Two-thirds of the jigsaw are complete but the final piece is the fans. I think George thought he would be seen as a hero and would bring people back to the club but it has not happened and I am 99 per cent sure he will walk away tomorrow (today) or the next day.

“He will depart with all the shares in the club and if a new ground does ever get built he will make money.”