TIM Davis has jumped to WeySports’ defence following the debacle over NVQ courses.

The community sports trust approached a number of Dorset clubs regarding the undertaking of NVQ training.

However, local sports clubs have been left angry and frustrated after signing up to the qualification scheme but failing to reap the rewards, with Portland United FC chairman Tony Greaves labelling the episode “a waste of time”.

There was also confusion over who was eligible to gain the qualification with no clear criteria ever being outlined to the interested clubs.

It is now understood that only people outside of full-time education (under 12 hours a week) can take part in the scheme, although eligibility also depends on what other courses each participant is involved with.

Davis, a director and football coach at WeySports, described the criteria as a “grey area” and has decided to just put the fiasco down to a bad experience.

“He also insists that WeySports is innocent of any wrongdoing.

He said: “All WeySports ever did was introduce the course – that was our only involvement. We did not deal with the coaching, the paperwork or the money side of it.

“I’m not going to apologise as I haven’t done anything wrong, I merely introduced people to each other. It was up to them to sort things out from there.

“I, and Weymouth Ladies, who were hit most by it all, will just put it all down to a bad experience.

“There has been no fraud involved and because players from last season’s Weymouth Under-18s were okay to do it, we thought everybody was eligible.”

Steve Beasant and his company PB Devs Ltd is believed to have acted as the link between the company offering the NVQs – Luis Michael Training – and the clubs undertaking the training.

Davis though denies that Beasant, now setting up an NVQ training base near Rushden & Diamonds FC, had any official role with WeySports.

He added: “Steve was the link but he has never been a director of Wey-Sports or held an official title.

“I don’t have a clue what was said between Steve, his representatives and the clubs involved.”

Davis, who insists he will have no further dealings with Beasant, is determined to see WeySports prosper and remains intent on delivering free coaching for children.

He said: “We just want to get back to doing what we have been doing, which is school coaching and development centres.

“The WeySports constitution states it is a non-profit organisation and that any money made will go towards delivering free coaching for kids.”

Portland United were due to raise several thousand pounds by signing up to the scheme, but never saw a single penny.

Describing the Blues’ involvement, Greaves said: “We wanted to do it for the benefit of our young players but it turned out to be an absolute nightmare.

“We as a club received no money either so we wasted a lot of time and effort, including the use of our facilities.”

Weymouth Dodgeball Club was another outfit keen to benefit.

Club founder Reece Best, who cleared Davis of any blame, said: “Luckily we pulled out just before they were going to take money off us but the whole thing has been very disappointing.

“When someone offers the chance for people to gain qualifications while also raising money for their club, everyone starts having these ideas about getting the club moving.

“Now that has been taken away from us and no one should have that right.

“We are just a club trying to help people get fit and enjoy themselves, and the fact we have now had to take a step back after this is very frust- rating.

“Tim is a nice guy and has always given a lot to local sport, so I hope this whole situation does not reflect badly on him. It was not his side of things that was the problem.”

In an email to Echosport, Beasant emphasised that no money had been received from Luis Michael Training. It reads: “We have been delivering NVQs to several clubs under Luis Michael Training.

“They have been audited due to Government changes and we have been advised that most of our groups are now ineligible as students cannot be in full-time education.

“To date we have not received any payments from LMT and we cannot get any replies from them so we have suspended all groups.

“We have commenced registration of our own with City and Guilds and are currently in negotiations with the Skills Funding Agency to establish exactly who is eligible as their guidelines conflict.

“Once we have a clear picture we will then address each group.

“We are totally out of pocket as we have been supplying all training etc from our own resources and have made on account payments to several clubs.”