GEORGE Rolls has confirmed that “he is no longer a participant in Weymouth FC” after stepping down as chairman.

That cryptic response came after Echosport questioned him about the repercussions of his resignation and, in particular, the future of the shareholding that was signed over to him from Make It So Ltd.

Rolls, who signed a non-profit agreement back on January 31, refused to make any further comment on the issue but did tell key officials at a meeting last Thursday that the Rolls’ family would not let the club go under.

However, he did say he believes his decision to depart is in the best interests of the club.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, he said: “It is a disappointing and sad day. Fifteen months ago I took over a business heading for liquidation and made it solvent and although we suffered relegation I think the majority of the fans are not interested in politics and just want to watch the team play.

“However, unfortunately the club is embroiled in politics due to the actions of bitter and twisted individuals and I just don’t want that to be involved in that anymore.

“That is why, in the best interests of Weymouth FC, I have decided to step down.

“Some of these sour individuals are asking how the club has got into debt but they clearly don’t understand cash-flow and the fact there are a lot of people out there who owe us money.

“The other thing is that I don’t want to be a loser and that is why recently I financed eight or nine new signings in a bid to keep us up.

“But because I am not a local, it is one of those situations where I will be accused of things no matter what I do.

“If I had not attempted to help improve the team, people would have said I was deliberately trying to run the club down.

“The reason the club is not making money is that the community have not got fully behind it and it is because of that why I have had to stand aside.

“Certain people keep saying that the reason for that is George Rolls, so let’s just see if that is the case. “I mean, are businesses going to come out and start putting money into the club now that I have gone? I certainly hope so because at the end of the day that is what we all want.

“However, I don’t think that will happen until certain individuals, who want to get their hands on the club, stop all the politics.

“And the only way those people will take control is if they come forward with a viable offer and proof of funds to keep the club going.”

The fact Rolls will no longer be bankrolling the club could have a huge impact on the Terras’ survival hopes in the Zamaretto Premier Division but he believes if the club starts receiving what it is owed there is no reason why anything should change.

When asked about the possibility of cuts, he added: “That is something the board has to decide because it is not my decision to make anymore, but if people pay their bills, many of which are local businesses, players won’t have to leave, it is as simple as that.

“I certainly won’t be looking to recall my loans straight away.”

Rolls has also insisted it is down to the board who succeeds him as chairman.

He said: “There will have to be a board meeting to decide the way forward.

“All the associate directors have been aware that this was coming and the Weymouth FC Supporters Association were told about it last Thursday as well.

“Hopefully, now is a time for the club to get a few new faces on the board, which will still be supported by Pranas Preidzius and the other directors.

“None of them have disappeared so there is no reason why it shouldn’t be business as usual.”

Rolls finished the conversation by claiming he will still attend the odd match in the future.

He added: “I will offer my support and come down to a game now and again because 99 per cent of the people at the club are fantastic.

“I have made some good friends and I certainly feel for people like Nigel Biddlecombe and Mark Coleman now, who have been left to pick up the pieces, because they have done a good job as associate directors.”

* Associate director Will Ronald has also resigned due to work commitments but will continue to look after the pitch at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

* Weymouth FC Supporters Association chairman Ade McDonald has admitted it is worrying times at the club following George Rolls’ resignation.

He told Echosport: “Of course we are concerned that George has stepped down and we will be contacting the remaining board members to offer our help, if they need it, with a view to moving things on.

“It leaves the club with a very uncertain future and we are fully open to meeting with anyone who is interested in taking the club forward.”


November 23, 2009 George Rolls saves the club from liquidation and promises to bring financial stability. He also insists the future of the club is down to the town helping address dwindling attendances.

December 1 The club’s new owner embarks on his first full day of work at WFC and claims he wants to put the “joke” of the recent past behind the club. He also insists the Radipole Lane outfit’s income streams will always be hindered at the Wessex Stadium.

December 9 The chairman then announces that two months of unopened mail at the club has revealed another £35,000 of debt, taking the total figure to around £700,000 and “rising hourly”.

December 31 Rolls admits first-team boss Ian Hutchinson is under pressure to turn the club’s results around.

January 5, 2010 He then reveals that Hutchinson and his assistant Andy Mason, left, have accepted contracts to manage the club until the end of the season.

January 17 Rolls sacks Hutchinson and Mason insisting they are not the men to keep the team up.

January 28 Jerry Gill is unveiled as the Terras’ new boss

February Five more Lithuanian directors join the board following in the footsteps of vice-chairman Pranas Preidzius.

March 4 Rolls reveals he is seeking a CVA as debts spiral towards the £900,000 mark.

March 11 Gill, left, is sacked 44 days into the job.

March 12 Rolls sends out plea for Hutchinson to return to the hotseat, admitting he had made a mistake dismissing him in the first place.

March 27 CVA is passed subject to a 28-day appeal with Rolls claiming it has saved the club from oblivion. The ruling immediately slashes the debt by 81 per cent.

April 2 Weymouth’s relegation from Blue Square South is confirmed.

April 14 Hutchinson and Mason agree to return and subsequently sign two-year deals with Rolls starting that “hopefully this will be the start of a more stable future” for the club.

April 30 CVA gains formal approval.

May 17 Terras told they will only drop one division but will receive a 10-point deduction for entering a CVA.

June 10 A fighting fund is started in a bid to mount a legal challenge against former chairman Malcolm Curtis and Wessex Park Ltd over the controversial land deal.

July 31 Rolls renames the Wessex Stadium the Bob Lucas Stadium after the club’s popular president is admitted to hospital suffering with cancer.

August 12 Lucas sadly passes away.

August 28 Rolls insists he will only relinquish his control at the club if the shareholders and fans lose faith in him following talk of a possible takeover.

August 31 Club ends fighting fund and any talk of potential action against Curtis for the time being after only just over £600 was raised.

September 2 Hutchinson hails Rolls as the saviour of Weymouth FC.

November 5 Shaun Hennessy, left, claims Rolls has been “actively trying to sell the club”. The chairman hits back branding the ex-director an “attention seeker”. He then went on to explain how a board meeting with the associate directors sanctioned the shares of Make It So Ltd being transferred into his own name.

November 6 Associate director Simon Etherington, a great ally of Hutchinson’s resigns from the board amid speculation the board could be ready to sack the Teesider for a second time after a disappointing start to the season.

November 8 Rolls claims that “whatever happens on the pitch this season” Hutchinson will not be sacked.

November 10 The Terras’ chief reiterates he is not at the club to make a profit at its expense claiming he would be quite happy to sign a document to that extent.

November 17 Rolls calls for the town to back the club or it could go the same way as the doomed Wildcats. He also reveals that Hutchinson’s playing budget could be cut due to a cashflow shortage.

December 4 Rolls reveals plans to extend Hutchinson’s contract beyond 2012.

December 27 It is announced that Mason has verbally agreed a three-year extension to his current deal.

January 5, 2011 More talks of potential cuts filter out after defeat at Bashley but board put the brakes on in a bid to find another solution.

January 7 The FA confirm they have no record of the contract Rob Wolleaston signed back in September.

January 11 Rolls brands talk of him merely doing a “holding job” for developers Morgan Sindall as “absolutely ludicrous”.

January 12 Hutchinson is sacked and Mason reveals his decision to resign.

January 13 The chairman admits sacking Hutchinson for a second time was “a nightmare” and insists it was a board decision.

January 15 Martyn Rogers is named the Terras’ new boss.

January 31 Rolls signs a non-profit document, which was handed to him to by the Weymouth FC Supporters Association.

February 3 Rolls puts his future in the hands of the club’s fans by calling a general meeting for February 24 where a confidence vote will be held. The news comes after a row over changes made to the non-profit document before he signed it.

February 14 The chairman warns he will walk away from the Terras if the hate campaign from a certain section of fans continues. He also claims that a controversial groundshare with Dorchester Town is being considered in the club’s short-term plans.

February 18 Rolls agrees to meet with key figures at the club to talk about a way forward but insists they will have to drop their “unrealistic demands” after there are further calls for him to put a proportion of his majority shareholding into an independent trust.

February 21 Weyline owner Ian Ferguson, left, expresses an interest in taking over the club.

February 23 Rolls warns fans that they need to turn out in force if they want the current squad to stay together. He also postpones the controversial confidence vote.

February 24 In a meeting with WFCSA board members and other key officials, Rolls reveals he will not recall his loans if an investor comes forward with a sustainable takeover offer and agrees to pay off the CVA. He also admits to having held further talks with Dorchester chairman Shaun Hearn over a possible groundshare.

February 28 Rolls steps down as chairman.