GEORGE Rolls has turned down a five-figure offer for the club from Ian Ferguson’s consortium.

The Weyline Taxis owner submitted a bid of £25,000 for the former chairman’s majority shareholding only to see the proposal swiftly rejected.

Ferguson claims Rolls described the offer as “insulting” in an exchange of emails, while a statement on the club’s website says the sum is “way short of the Football club’s best interests”.

Ferguson told Echosport: “George has rejected the offer and he is entitled to do that but how on Earth does more money in his pocket equate to what’s best for the club?

“And how can he say that this offer is not in the best interests of the club? It’s just illogical.

“Our plan is to buy the club on behalf of the town and the supporters. We need to get back to having a team that the fans can identify with, as well as playing at a level we can afford.

“We can’t keep having this boom and bust scenario all the time. The club has got to stand on its own two feet.”

Asked if he was still keen on purchasing the Zamaretto Premier Division outfit, Ferguson added: “The ball is in George’s court, I’m not holding my hand up anymore. He said the offer was an insult so I apologised for insulting him.

“But you can’t talk a business down and then talk the price up – it does not work like that.

“He says he will only deal with serious bidders but I don’t see a queue of people wanting to buy the club.”

Meanwhile, club officials met with a potential investor yesterday at the Turk’s Head in Chickerell.

The Terras’ existence was very much in danger after Rolls resigned as chairman last Thursday and announced he was withdrawing his funding.

However, a four-figure investment – believed to be £2,500 – from a mystery source in the aftermath of Tuesday night’s Dorset Senior Cup win over Bridport has staved off such a threat, while news of yesterday’s meeting with a separate unnamed individual appears to be another step in the right direction.

Associate director Nigel Biddlecombe, who was present at yesterday’s rendezvous, told Echosport: “A meeting took place at the Turk’s Head involving a member of an interested party to see if we can find a way of moving forward.

“Mark Coleman and I have been talking to a number of interested people to find some common ground to work together.”

Asked for the identity of Tuesday night’s Good Samar-itan, Biddlecombe remained tight-lipped, adding: “I can’t say who it is as Mark and I have promised that we would not reveal their name.

“It may be possible to do so at a later date but we can’t at this moment in time.

“Nevertheless it’s a fantastic boost for the club and it will enable us to continue to function. It is exactly what is needed for the club to continue moving forward.

“The money that was handed over ensures we can get the players to Banbury on Satur-day and ensures that players who are owed money are now sorted out. We still need all the help we can get.”

There is also positive news on the pitch with sought-after forward Jamie Beasley, who has attracted interest from rivals Dorchester Town, agreeing to put pen to paper on a short-term contract.

The deal was made possible by Wessex Fantasy Football, who will foot the bill for the 23-year-old’s wages.

On the flip side, the Radipole Lane outfit have been contacted by the Football Association over allegations of racial abuse directed at Hemel Hem-pstead players during Saturday’s 2-2 draw at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Biddlecombe said: “Anybody who was in the Weyline stand and has knowledge of this, email me at as we have to answer the FA.”

* Ferguson is due to meet with the Weymouth Supporters Association and representatives of Wessex Fantasy Football at the Hotel Prince Regent today (midday).