A FANS’ forum scheduled to take place after Saturday’s game was controversially postponed by the Weymouth board at the last minute.

No announcements were made to the Press or even on the club’s official website, causing some supporters to make the trip down, only to be turned away on arrival.

Acting chairman Pranas Preidzius and several other Lithuanian board members were expected to attend the forum but none of them were at the game.

Many fans thought the 6.30pm timing of the meeting, which was also going to cost £5 to enter, was ludicrous but Rolls, has once again defended the decision.

The ex-chairman contacted Echosport on Saturday night on his way back to Cambridge to offer the following explanation: “The directors were advised what the position was in terms of the low response we had rec-eived in emails about attending the forum and took the decision not to travel down.

“One or two of them had flown in from Lithuania where they had been on business all week so it was very disappointing.

“It is also a bit of a blow that more people do not want to come out and talk about the future of the club.

“The reason it cost £5 to get in was to help get some coffers in the bank.

“The club needs £20,000 to see it through the summer, as there will be lots of bills that will need paying, and one of the topics that would have been up for discussion would have been the pricing of season tickets for next season.

“They will go on sale next week and the question is will people be willing to pay more to keep the team playing at the Bob Lucas Stad-ium because prices are going to have to go up if we are to stay there.

“If the fans don’t back it then we will have to play on with a team budget that is not competitive.

“My family will certainly not be loaning the club anymore money to pay its way and at the moment no one else appears to be coming forward.

“I have spoken with Ian Ferguson (interested buyer) and he knows how much has been loaned into the club and that is what we will be looking to get back out again.

“And as always if an offer comes forward that is in the best interests of the club we will listen.”

When asked about the outstanding wages that are still owed to several players and a recent VAT inspection carried out at the club, Rolls added: “Wages and expenses are paid at the end of the month and the players all know that.

“The only ones that get paid week to week are the college lads, James Nortei and Lewis Tasker.

“Expenses will also only be paid when the players hand in their expenses sheets.

“As for the other matter, every single business should have a standard VAT inspection every two or three years and we have certainly got nothing to hide.”