GEORGE Rolls has reiterated his commitment to the Terras following speculation over the weekend that he is on the verge of taking control of Kettering Town.

The Cambridge-based businessman has put the reports down to mischief-making and has once again moved to reassure Weymouth fans that his family is going nowhere.

Rolls, who admitted recently to having held talks with current Poppies’ chairman Imraan Ladak, told Echosport: “The position has not changed.

“FA rules state you cannot hold interest in two football clubs, which even comes down to your spouse as well.

“So unless my wife, Amanda Rolls, decides to get rid of her majority shareholding in Weymouth FC, which she has no intentions of doing, then nothing will be happening.

“Weymouth fans can rest assured that the Rolls family will not be leaving any time soon.”

Kettering are due in court today to answer a winding-up petition from HMRC but it is understood a deal has already been struck to keep the club alive.

When pressed to comment further on his interest in the Poppies, Rolls added: “What Kettering are going through at the moment is not too dissimilar to what we experienced at Weymouth just a couple of years ago. There have been some serious issues there of late so to think someone cannot phone someone else up and ask for some advice is absolutely crazy.

“Everyone goes on about the football community but the fact two clubs are not meant to speak to each other due to a conflict of interests just makes a mockery of it.”

He went on to say: “I was always bound to get linked with Kettering but one day it would be great for Weymouth FC to get back into the Conference.

“Saturday’s postponed home game against Cirencester Town has not come at the best of times as it makes cash-flow very difficult, so it is important people keep getting behind the team as they have continued to do over the last couple of years.”

Rolls wrote off loans in the region of £75,000 in the Terras at a general meeting last month where he also announced his intention to retake the position of chairman, which he claims is still on the cards.

He said: “That will happen once all the paperwork has been done but at the moment it is not top of the priorities.”