A GROUP of Weymouth anglers are hooked to the sport of light rock fishing (LRF).

The anglers fish from around Wey-mouth Harbour every Tuesday evening (7-10pm) and rotate where they fish to find different species, but normally meet outside the Old Rooms Inn, the Harbour Mas-ter’s or the Pleasure Pier. Organiser Will Harding explained the art of light rock fishing to Echosport.

He said: “It is all about targeting what is in front of you.

“There are small fish in abundance like wrasse, pollock, pout, scorpion fish and gobies and if the tackle is balanced properly we can make great sport out of these fish.

“What’s more fun is when a bonus mackerel or bass picks up your lure and gives you a proper test of skill, and this does happen often.

“Using only light rods of 7.3ft rated 0-7g and lines of 6lb maximum, we can use micro lures and hooks to find these fish anywhere around Weymouth Harbour.

“There’s no reason why you can’t use smelly baits but lures work just as well and dare I say even better.”

The sport originated from Japan and been slowly growing in the UK for the past five years.

Harding added: “The sport is perfect for families, as you can take safety around the harbour walls just like using crab lines. “So far this year I have never walked away without catching a few fish, and sometimes some surprise fish like flounder and leopard spotted gobies.”

For more details telephone Harding on 07817227748.