It was with mixed emotions that I went to the academy – pleased to be going but sad that it was the last week of OnBoard Club and Race Club for this season.

After all the horrendous weather of the last week, it was a real surprise to wake up this morning to complete calm and, yet again on a Saturday, no wind.

This meant that any hard racing was off the menu but some fun was still to be had never the less. We buddied up into two’s and chose which double hander we wanted to take out.

Ben and I chose a Bahia – a large sailing dinghy with a distinctive reddy pink sail. Ben and I had sailed together a lot recently during the Sunday Race Series, mostly favouring the Dart 16. This is small catamaran boat which is much faster and makes for really exciting racing especially in a stiff breeze.

Once out on the water we couldn’t really race because of the lack of wind but we had a huge amount of fun capsizing and playing boat football, thus making the most of our final session. We have our Christmas Party to look forward to in a couple of week’s time but this will be a dry affair as it is held on land. This means that after today I can set about washing all my kit and drying it properly.

In the autumn/winter months it is never completely dry between one week and the next and this doesn’t do the wetsuit any good.

I don’t know how I will fill my weekends between now and February but I’m sure I will find something to do or maybe I will just go into hibernation!

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