Now that the clocks have gone forward and the lighter evenings are with us, my week has changed a bit as I am now able to sail in the early evenings instead of, and sometimes as well as, the weekend.

This, coupled with my newly found sport of windsurfing, means that I windsurf with OTC (Official Test Centre) on a Monday during their Team 15 sessions, (assistant) instruct at SailLaser on a Tuesday evening as part of their OnBoard Club and finally, on a Wednesday evening I sail at Race Club, again at SailLaser.

These are all based at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.

However, this doesn’t leave the weekends free as I already have started to plan these with lots of volunteering at the academy and a windsurfing course all coming up over the next few months.

Monday evening was good windsurfing weather, constant 19 knots, gusting 26.

It was only my third session and the windiest to date, so I was looking forward to seeing how I would cope in windier conditions.

To satisfy my need for speed, I plumped for a 3.5 metre sail, the largest available to me at this stage.

This, I intended, would harness the wind and propel me across the harbour alongside the beach road.

This was pretty cool when the wind was constant but it was quite a challenge when it gusted to handle the kit and concentrate on my manoeuvres.

So I dropped down to a 2.5 metre which, although didn’t allow me to go quite as fast, did enable me to practise tacking and gibing whilst upright on the board!

I am currently working towards the RYA Windsurfing Level 1 which I hope to undertake in June 2011.

This will nicely compliment the Sailing qualifications that I already have and allow me to be out on the water whatever the weather.

For sailing, you need a good stiff breeze, not too strong, but that is when the windsurfing is best.

I had a great time and am looking forward to next weeks session when I will undertake my first simple triangle course.

It’s not too difficult keeping to a straight line but when you have to turn, it becomes a bit more complicated!

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