This week I arrived at Race Club and, although I was likely to get wet anyway, it wasn’t great rigging the boat in the rain.

It seemed more fiddly with cold, wet fingers but I soon got it sorted and went to get changed into hikers for the racing. We were quickly briefed on the slipway and then made our way to the race course in the harbour.

The first two races were fairly straightforward but at the start of the third race I commenced on a starboard tack and caught everyone else out.

However, one of the boats managed to tack before I reached it which left me in dirty wind. This meant that I had to make the decision to either stay there, which wasn’t ideal, or tack off and find clean wind.

I decided to risk tacking off but the wind had dropped sufficiently by this stage which unfortunately meant that I didn’t gain anything.

So although I didn’t lose my position, I didn’t gain a great deal either and consequently still came second.

We had 3 races overall in which I came 2nd, 2nd and 2nd which actually made me joint 1st for the evening racing. It was a great nights racing during which the wind changed dramatically from hiking weather to very light winds.

However, my consistent scoring showed that I was in a position to adapt to all weather conditions and able to use tactics as well as sailing to secure my places.

I am now looking forward to this weekend when I will be doing my first ‘proper’ volunteering at the academy during a 4.7 open event. This event is held over the two days and despite the fact that I will be working, I am hoping to pick up a few good tips too!

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