It has been a busy yet perfect week containing a mixture of volunteering, (assistant) instructing, windsurfing and Sailing.

The weekend started with two days volunteering at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy during the 4.7 Open Event. Whilst it was perfect weather for volunteering, sunny and calm, it wasn’t great for the sailors, in fact, due to lack of wind, all of Saturdays races were cancelled. By Sunday, the wind had picked up a fraction and, whilst the sailors undertook 2 races, my colleague and I spent the day on the water in a RIB looking out for their safety.

Monday, by contrast, was a good deal windier and made for perfect windsurfing at OTC during a TEAM 15 session. I upgraded to a 4.1 rig this week and took part in my first race. I was really pleased with my 3rd place as the winner was a more experience sailor on a 7.1 Rig which gave them a significant advantage.

Tuesday evening I was volunteering at OnBoard Club at SailLaser. The winds had returned to their previous light state so once the Picos had been rigged and the OnBoarders had changed, we headed out for some gentle sailing and a few games.

Wednesday was the beginning of a three day course at SailLaser on which I was (assistant) instructing. This ran straight into Race Club in the evening which, although it meant an 11 hour day, was nice because having been teaching all day, I could then let myself go and enjoy the racing. This combination paid off when I came 2nd, 1st and 3rd in a Laser Radial.

Thursday continued in a similar vein – instructing during the day and then in the early evening it was the first session of the first race series of the year. We all gathered at the academy for an evening of racing. I was once again in a Laser Radial which is slightly bigger than a 4.7 and enabled me to make good use of the wind. There were a lot of experienced sailors out on the water this evening, so I was delighted with (my as yet unconfirmed) 2nd place.

Friday came and it was the final day of the course. It is very satisfying knowing that you have helped another young person gain a sailing qualification that will hopefully maximise their enjoyment of the sport.

I have to admit that by the weekend I was absolutely shattered but I think that it would have been difficult to have a more perfect week so although I was definitely tired, I was most definitely very happy!

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