Today was the first day of the Alex Caviglia Blue water Classic Regatta in Miami.

It is a three day regatta that raises money for the Alex Caviglia Foundation. This foundation helps people who have brain injuries and other disabilities enjoy sailing and other water sports.

My three races today weren’t the best but they were promising for the big regatta which starts in a week’s time. Miami in January is very nice mainly because it is warm.

I brought a bike out here because after it took me and my Canadian house mates 50 minutes to walk home I didn’t want to do that every day for a month.

It was last Sunday when Brenda, a Canadian Skud sailor and I took a bike ride to Key Biscayne. From the bridge that links Key Biscayne to the mainland you get a great view of Biscayne Bay where we are sailing.

It gets quite busy in the bay at the weekend with lots of power boats. I nearly got run over today by a ship because I forgot to look before I tacked and I had to bear away behind the boat.

Funnily enough there was no wind behind the boat either so it wasn’t great. Tomorrow we should have some good breeze but Monday might have storms so we might not race.

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