I left for New Zealand straight after Miami where I finished 5th.

Sail Auckland is New Zealand’s premier Olympic sailing regatta.

Paralympic classes are developing here and there were six boats in the 2.4 class. There were a mixture of abilities and boats with three countries participating.

I was in a borrowed boat so had to find my speed which I managed to do by the last day which I was happy with.

I wasn’t expecting the regatta to be on tidal waters so that was a bit of a shock and lead to some interesting racing.

I was happy with my performance and have been training with a few of the competitors for the last week.

I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand and this seemed the perfect option to mix business with a bit of holidays.

I’ve been snorkelling around caves and seeing lots of fish. It is just a great city and such a laid back country.

I would love to stay and see more but there is work to be done as I have to be training in Palma next week.

The Kiwi’s are looking forward to coming to Weymouth in the summer and they should have a good squad coming.

I know that Weymouth sailing club as the New Zealand base will make them feel welcome.

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