DESPITE missing a few key players, the Cowboys were focused on getting their first win of the season against a physical side with a few victories under their belts already.

The Cowboys came out strongly with defensive rebounds and fast breaks resulting in an eight-point lead from the unanswered baskets of Jim de Bertrand and Josh Turner.

The hosts showed good intensity at both ends of the court while the Ravens tried to find a response. The Cowboys moved the ball well on offence and some no nonsense basketball put points on the board.

A strong cut to the basket saw Ben Stokey add an easy two points to the Cowboy’s lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw continued strong zone defence and boxing-out from the likes of Eric Olson which helped the Cowboys dominate rebounds and regain possession.

A huge shot block from Matt Board sparked further spirited offensives from the Cowboys and three-pointers from Brett Dunster and Jack Speary.

Cowboys’ big men crashed the boards at the offensive end to earn second chances while de Bertrand continued to take it hard to the hoop.

A dominant Cowboys closed the half leading 33-23 and, despite finding some shooting form, the Ravens had it all to do.

The second half saw the Cowboys switch to a man-on-man defence to mix it up and put extra pressure on the Ravens’ shooters.

Ravens tried to score inside but were met with good help-side defence from the Cowboys to make it a low-scoring third quarter.

The hosts made good use of the bench and the extra player over the Ravens’ six to tire the opposition. Strong hustle from Speary put the Ravens’ ball handlers under pressure and resulted in forced passes being intercepted.

The Cowboys closed the game out in the fourth quarter despite increased pressure from Ravens’ outside shooters. Turner made important baskets from the free-throw line as the Cowboys kept their heads and retained possession for the win.

Coach Eric Olson said: “We are really pleased to get this win. We feel like we have deserved a result like this for a long time.

“We have had a couple of games where a few little things didn’t go our way and we feel like it was finally time for our luck to turn.

“We have been working hard at staying positive and really playing for each other. We know that if we carry on then we will start to get more results like this.”

Cowboys: Jim de Bertrand 16, Jack Speary 13, Josh Turner 10, Brett Dunster 6, Matt Board 4, Ben Stokey 4, Eric Olson.

Game MVP: Josh Turner