WEYMOUTH earned a much-needed win to help boost their Solent League Division One relegation fears.

The first quarter saw the Bandits take an early lead with quick baskets from Dzin-tars Kalkis and Ian Manley.

Alex Fuhrmann added to the early score, to make it a total of nine unanswered points and the early burst saw the hosts take a 19-15 lead.

The Weymouth side kept their tempo into the second quarter, and their fast breaks were too much for the Wasps to handle as Kalkis and Jordan Daniels teamed up for eight fast break points.

The Bandits made sure that their lead was kept with a strong defensive effort from guard Julien Lawes to keep the Wasps’ top scorer at bay, allowing him only two points in the quarter.

The Bandits continued to assert their dominance with a 33-25 lead at half-time.

In the third period, the Winchester came straight back at Weymouth, going for eight unanswered points.

The Wasps’ control was short-lived with the Dorch-ester duo, Ian Manley and Carl Carter, putting up points for the home team and stamping Winchester’s run.

Strong defence from Ian Manley and Chris Canham saw that the Wasps were unable to have a scoring spree again, with the quarter ending 50-39 to the Bandits.

The fourth quarter was a different story with Winchester making it their mission to take control of the game.

Being behind all game they had nothing to lose and quickly showed the home side that they were down but not out.

They then found a way around the Bandits’ defence and won the quarter by six points. However, this final effort was not enough as the Bandits held on for victory.

Player/coach Alex Fuhrmann said: “It was a needed win for the Bandits, we went out their knowing that this game could be the difference between securing a place in division one next year or being relegated. We set the tempo early on and made at too difficult for the Wasps to catch up.

“The team turned up for this win and worked hard. Every-one was able to leave the game with their head held high knowing they help the team.”

Bandits: Dzintars Kalkis 19, Alex Fuhrmann 10, Vitoldas Balciunas 10, Ian Manley 8, Chris Canham 5, Jordan Daniels 4, Carl Carter 4.