WEYMOUTH Bandits were beaten by the Southsiders in one of the last games of their campaign.

The opening quarter saw a strong start from the Bandits with Dzin-tars Kalkis scoring three consecutive baskets to give his team an eight-point lead in the opening three minutes of the game.

The offensive pressure was set and along with Kalkis’ 12 points for the quarter, his fellow team members all chipped in to see out the period with a 28-14 lead.

The second period started a little slower than the first, but the Bandits were still trying to replicate the pressure that they had seen the first out with.

This quarter saw the opposition start to come to life with the early stages seeing a pretty even match-up between the teams and, as a result, an equal trade of points at both end of the court.

The Southsiders managed to score more than they did in the first quarter but still went into the half-time break trailing 46-36.

After the interval, Weymouth had to withstand a barrage of attacks from the Southsiders with a host of points scored from turnovers of the Weymouth team’s offence.

Within two minutes, the lead that Weymouth had accumulated in the first half was down to a single point.

Despite several trips to the free-throw line and several baskets scored, the Bandits had no answer for the refreshed Southsider offence attacks.

Weymouth couldn’t muster any kind of answer and, as a result, had one of the lowest scoring quarters of the season and to make matters worse the Southsiders managed to score with almost everything they threw at the hoop and notched 45 for the quarter.

The visitors had to shake of the deflated sensation from the fourth and finish the period with the determination and tempo that they had started the game with.

Once again led by Kalkis, Weymouth piled on the pressure at both ends of the floor. Every attack on their end was met with high pressure defence with every rebound and turnover converted into fast paced, determined offence.

This sudden return to the same pressure that they had started the game with, saw the Bandits finish the quarter once again outscoring their opposition 28 to 17.

Sadly for Weymouth, the damage in the third quarter meant that, although they had outscored the Southsiders in the other three, they still finished the game defeated.

Bandits: Dzintars Kalkis 33, Vitoldas Balciunas 17, Ian Manley 14, Chris Canham 12, Carl Carter 4, Jim DeBertrand 2, Jordan Daniels, Josh Turner