WEYMOUTH Cowboys suffered a crushing defeat in their first game of the season.

The game started with the Jesters scoring three unanswered baskets, but the Cowboys hit back with Kyle Houlden and Andy Steel, pictured, getting some points on the board.

However, it wasn't enough to stop the Jesters from increasing their lead.

The hosts comfortably passed their way through the Weymouth defence and led 46-21 at the end the first half.

Speed was the name of the game for the Jesters as the second half got underway, though Simon Dean and Steel created chances for Weymouth to get back into the game.

The Exmouth side carried on building on their lead and finished as strongly as they had started to seal a convincing 103-49 victory.

Cowboys’ coach Connor Doherty said: “It was a hard first game of the season to be defeated like that, but we have positives to build from.

“We’re going to find some tough matchups in Division One but I’m hopeful the lads will stay determined and come through.”

Cowboys: Andy Steel 14, Simon Dean 10, Kyle Houlden 8, Tommy Hodson 8, Alex Legg 4, Rob Legg 2, Joe Southcott 2, Alex Mills, Stephen Reece

Weymouth MVP: Andy Steel