THE COWBOYS knew they were in for a tough test after being promoted into their new league.

The first half started slowly for Wey-mouth, but Dan Campbell got their first points of the game.

But the Nomads did not let up with playing a very intense defence, which seemed to contain Weymouth offensively.

The Cowboys’ offence was not up to its normal standards despite some scoring runs by Campbell, Max Gilmartin, Jack Speary and Sam Brown, but the Nomads waltzed into a commanding 42-21 lead at half-time.

In the second half, Weymouth came out and matched their opponent’s intensity, with scores from Speary, Campbell, Simon Dean, Dan Park and Jeff Robertshaw.

This run led Weymouth to start reducing down the lead, but some controversial calls and events led to Weymouth losing a few players and the game finishing 69-50 to the Nomads.

Coach, Connor Doherty said: “If we were to start the game with more intensity the final outcome would have been a lot different as we saw in the second half.”

Cowboys: Jack Speary 11, Jeff Robertshaw 10, Max Gilmartin 9, Dan Campbell 8, Sam Brown 5, Simon Dean 4, Dan Park 3, Jerry Thompson, Ben Stokey, Pavel Dimitrov Weymouth MVP: Max Gilmartin